Leveraging the potential of Immersive technologies

Transformative media technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have the potential to change the nature of work by redefining existing organisational models and the ways that humans interact with systems and organisations. While these changes are supported by technological developments in network connectivity, artificial intelligence, and mobile display technologies, the human side of the human-system interaction both on an individual and organisational level is far less understood.
My PhD project is thus a response to the rapid advances in XR technology and the ever-growing use cases for individuals and organisation. Drawing on academic disciplines such as human factors/human-computer interaction, industrial-organisational psychology, and games design, the current project will attempt to develop and validate an empirical framework to (1) assist organisations that are currently or about to adopt XR technology, and (2) support researchers who are utilising AR technology within their discipline.

Human Factors

Organisational Psychology