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Tony Nguyen

Psychologist. Scholar. Entrepreneur.

Originally born in Vietnam, I moved to Perth at the age of 7. After graduation, I had a brief stint in Adelaide and eventually relocated to Melbourne where I have been since.

I am described by friends and colleagues as inquisitive, contemplative, authentic, and easy-going. There is a professional persona that is serious but it is kept in check with a healthy dose of dark humour. Or as the late philosopher Alan Watts puts it, an irreducible sense of rascality.

Other titles that can be ascribed to me  include night owl, starcraft master, Poker semi-pro, cat dad, coffee addict, and Tolkien nerd. I also dabble in art and have a soft spot for philosophy.

In appreciation for the finitude of life, I try to live a full yet examined life. Purpose and mission are important to me but the lives that I am able to touch and people that I can inspire along the way are equally important. I believe in doing things my own way, beating to the drum of my own beat while operating within the confines of my own moral and ethical code.

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Before qualifying as a psychologist, I was a professional poker player and competitive gamer. Discontent with that trajectory and lacking in a real sense of purpose, I followed through with my tertiary education and settled into something that might be called a traditional career. The journey that unfolded as been anything but traditional.

Professionally speaking, I’m a psychologist, PhD scholar, and entrepeneur. Torn between the difficult decision of deciding between a career in psychology or technology, I decided to do the only sensible thing and pursued both. The result has been a challenging fulfilling and  interdisciplinary career trajectory. On any given day, I am helping clients with mental health issues, conducting research, writing code, or supporting businesses – no two days are alike and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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My therapeutic work draws on several schools of thought including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy, Psychodynamic theory, and Existential philosophy. I take an individualised and integrative approach to my clinical work by drawing on theory and practice experience to generate insight and tailor strategies to your needs.

I view therapy as a safe space where we work together towards a shared goal. For some, it may involve education and developing strategies to manage a range of mental health conditions. For others, it may be a space for exploring identity, unearthing truths, or creating new visions. I look forward to hearing your story and helping you achieve your goals.

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