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Career Counselling

Realise your Career goals Potential Ambitions Career Destiny

Discovering and re-discovering the spark.

At different points in our lives, the decision about what to do resurfaces and forces us to evaluate what our sense of meaning and purpose is. And for a lot of us, that is defined in what we do in our waking hours – what we do for work. The process of finding a career is not always easy. Many factors, including personal interests, skills, values, and the job market, can influence a person’s career decision. It is important to take the time to reflect on what is important to a person, and to consider their strengths and weaknesses when exploring different career options.

Career counselling  seeks to explore a person’s values, interests, skills, and goals, in order to provide career support and guidance. Career counsellors use a variety of tools, techniques, and assessments to help individuals understand their strengths, limitations, and areas for growth. They also provide information on the job market, career paths, and educational opportunities, and help individuals prepare for the job search process, including writing resumes and practicing interview skills.

The high school graduate

You have just graduated form high school; the world is your oyster and you have no idea what to do. Your potential is limitless but you lack the clarity on a clear direction.

The 20 something University Graduate

You have just finished your university degree with some experience under your belt and a general idea of what you like and dislike. What’s next? Climb the corporate ladder? Self employment? Graduate school? This is one of the most important decisions of your young adult life.

The mid or late life career Transition

You’ve hit that dreaded mid-life crisis or have been made redundant due to some unforseen circumstance. Picking up the pieces seems like an insurmountable task and you do not have the advantage of youth anymore. What now?

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a mental health care plan for career counselling?

No. Career counselling can be a treatment goal under a mental health care plan or as a seperate private service.

How many sessions does it take to figure stuff out?

Career counselling is a relatively streamlined process often taking between 2 to 5 sessions

What's your approach?

I use a combintion of personality and values assessments and my training and experience within organisational psychology to help you find your direction.

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