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Non dire, non lugere, neque desetari, sed intelligere

Not to laugh, not to lament, not to curse, but to understand

Hi, I’m Tony.

I'm a psychologist, scholar, and entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia. This is my digital home - a portal of sorts. A window into my work, a repository of projects and ideas, an interface to engage with clients, and a means to connect with likeminded folks.

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I Am An Individual Looking For Clinical Services

You’re in the right place. Access a range of services ranging from psychological assessment to treatment for a variety of mental health and relational dificulties.

If you are a new client, I would encourage you to visit the Clinical Services Page to see if my background and your goals are aligned. Further instructions are outlined on that page.  If you are a returning client, please click on the Book a Session button to find a time that works.

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I Am Part Of An Organisation Looking For Consulting Services

Engage my services across a wide range of organisational and consulting psychology practice areas such as leadership development, organisational diagnostics, and human-technology system integration.

Understand more about what I do by clicking on the Organisational Psychology Page or if you’re ready to connect, click on the contact button. I look forward to seeing how I can add value.

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I do not know why I am here or how I arrived here

A relatable sentiment and perhaps the most important question one can ask. But while you are here, you may as well check out the rest of the website. I’d recommend starting off with the About page. The projects and blog page are where you’ll find traces of my work in various forms. Enjoy your stay, fellow traveler.

Thoughts & Musings


A distillation of my ideas, work, and social commentary expressed in written form. I touch on areas relating to psychology, technology, business, and philosophy. I try to provide a balanced, non partisan view on the topics that matter to me


One of the biggest crimes in our time is that research is not disseminated with the voracity it deserves. I aim to correct this by showcasing some critical research. Typically with the abstract, reference, and my commentary/reflections on the subject matter


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