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Organisational & Human factors psychology

Leveraging psychological science and technology

Applying psychological science to the world of business

Sometimes called industrial-organisational (IO) psychology or business psychology, organisational psychology is the scientific study and application of psychological principles to organisations and the workplace. Drawing on years of experience,  I work under the following ethos:


Every solution I provide is grounded in theory and tempered with practice.

Outcomes driven

I understand that projects and initiatives don’t exist in a vacuum. Every solution is tied to your KPIs or your larger organisational strategy.

Ethical and pragmatic

I’m pragmatic but I am bound by an ethical code on a professional and personal level.

Areas of focus

Leveraging the power of psychological science

I partner with organisations large and small to create talent management initiatives that drive meaningful and sustainable change. These projects range from executive coaching, whitepapers, organisational reviews, research, organisational-wide surveys to entire overhauls of HR systems.

Psychological Assessment

Bespoke and validated assessments for selection, development, and workforce engagement.

Organisational Mental Health

Mental health diagnostics, strategic reviews,  and bespoke workshops to promote psychological safety and employee wellbeing.

Leadership development

Coaching and tailored leadership development programs to ensure your future and current leaders are equipped for the modern world.

Culture & Strategy

Culture and climate survey diagnostics and strategic reviews to help shape the lifeblood of your organisation – your people.

Bridging The Divide Between Humanity And Technology

The ubiquity of the internet, advanced algorithms and computing power is disrupting business, science, public policy, the arts, and just about everything in between. From advances in AI, machine learning, IoT, and much more, these disruptions are bringing about a zeitgeist that people have dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution – a new era of unprecedented change. This change brings with it a greater need to understand the human-machine interface and the implications of these technologies for humans. That’s where human factors psychology comes in.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

I assist with the design and implementation of immersive technologies. My particular focus is on embedding gamification, conducting UX research, and evaluating learning outcomes.

Machine Learning & Data science

Data science tools viewed through a psychological science lens and applied to human-system challenges.

The future is digital

Consumer psychology is the study of how social persuasion, decision making and motivation influence consumer behavior. And today the customer is almost entirely online.

Digital Psychology

The suite of behavioural science tools applied to the understanding and optimising of your digital presence.

Crypto Psychology

The suite of applied psychological tools applied to understanding how users percieve and use emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies.

Brands I’ve worked with