The closest thing to an all-in-one system

Notion is a popular productivity tool, has the potential to be a powerful resource in the field of psychology and mental health. With its customizable interface and wide range of features, Notion can be adapted to fit a variety of mental health and therapy-related applications. For example, therapists can use Notion to keep track of client notes, progress, and treatment plans, allowing for more efficient and organized sessions.

Notion can also be used for self-reflection and personal growth, as users can create journaling templates and habit trackers to monitor their mental health and well-being. Additionally, Notion’s collaborative features make it an effective tool for group therapy and support groups. By leveraging the power of Notion, mental health professionals and individuals can create more streamlined and effective mental health practices and routines. I have moved all my therapy and coaching resources into notion and will be creating templates for practitioners and consumers alike. Watch this space!

Mental Health